Vehicle re-mapping


Mapping for performance: A performance Remap results in better response from the engine, with increased torque and power of up to 30%. Throttle response will improve and rev range will be enhanced. Power delivery also tends to be smother, making for both a more enjoyable and safer driving experience with improvements such as easier overtaking and motorway performance.


Mapping for economy: With our Economy Remap, most vehicles can achieve a lover rev range, resulting in fuel savings of up to 15%. During normal driving, fuel economy will tend to be better which not only decreases your fuel costs, but it also minimizes your carbon foot print. Ideal for vehicles Fleets and commuters.


If you cant decide between helping save the planet by lowering your carbon foot print or the need for extra power you may settle for something in-between and opt for one of our Blend Map’s which is a mix of both power and economy throughout the performance of your engine.